Monthly Archives: May 2009

Fresh Cookies.

Fresh out of the oven. First in a series of four. Reflections: “This truth destroys those who have taken it for what it is not; the least that one can say is that the present forms of wealth make a shambles and a human mockery of those who think they own it. In this respect, […]

Rendered Deliciousness.

Suett is the fat from around a cows kidneys. It maintains a thicker consistency than regular ol’ beef fat. Rendering is the process that removes all the impurities and fleshy parts from the fat. This helps ensure that the fat does not go rancid when its sitting in a gun case getting eaten by a […]

Bottom of two part mold.

I’ll pour the top tomorrow. What will I be casting in this? Well, clearly nothing where detail is paramount. Lets just say the birds will love it when it’s finished. Recipe: 1 part sand: 1 part plaster of paris: 1 part water: 1 giant plastic bag: 1/2 sheet of plywood: 28 wood screws: 1 AK-47

Recently: New (Time Based?) Work in Progress

Building a crescent shaped box out of red cedar is incredibly difficult. For reference, the radius of the crescent is 36″ or so. These are coffee plant seeds (Coffea Arabica). They can take up to several months to sprout, I started them about two weeks ago. Once they are sprouted they will be planted in […]

Dear Fishy, We miss you lots.