Monthly Archives: July 2009

Three Down, Three To Go

These are unedited images from the installations I completed yesterday. There are three additional pieces that I will photograph and post later today.

To Bite The Hand That Feeds You

This afternoon while I was finishing up that deity of Matsu that I’ve been working on, I ended up listening to yet another podcast from the Tate Modern. It was a debate on Art, Lifestyle, and Globalisation. The second speaker was John Jordan, who presented some very interesting thoughts. For those of you who aren’t […]

Bird Food

So… I finally succeeded in casting an AK 47 out of suet and birdseed, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Here is the chronicle of my adventure. I’m not quite sure how long I have had the idea for this project, but I think it came about sometime in late winter/early spring. […]

Ant Food

Candy is a a very tedious and interesting material to work with. And I’m always astounded when out of all the tools available, I end up using a chisel and a mallet. Even the coping saw was barely useable; it gummed up quickly when trying to use it as a ‘saw.’ However with a traditional […]

Cape Farewell

The southern most tip of Greenland is called Cape Farewell. Cape Farewell is also an organization created by artist David Buckland in 2001 to “instigate a cultural response to climate change.” They bring scientists and artists together to explore the effects of climate change in a landscape where it is becoming more directly apparent every […]

Independence Day

This year to celebrate Independence Day I wrangled up five different recipes from around the internet for traditional Iraqi food. Everything turned out delicious, and I felt it was a good way to contemplate American Independence. We enjoyed the meal with two bottles of wine; a Cellar Red from the Walla Walla Valley to start, […]

There’s Something Peculiar About That Tree

I stacked all my plants in the corner of the deck that gets the most sun, and it was a beautiful site. I love the fact that these are all ‘art projects.’ The first two boxes are for the AK-47 that I am making out of suet and bird seed, and the bomb that I […]

Gullwing Doors

So, after my brain quit working for about a week, and a road trip across the country, I finally finished a series of sculptures that I have been working on for a while, and did a preliminary installation: The original piece that I completed a few weeks back is on the far right in the […]