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I Anonymous

It’s always fun to have your picture in the paper. In this case, I got to grace page 13 of last week’s Inlander for participating in the shenanigans called Park(ing) day. The best part is that my name is never mentioned in the blurb, creating an interesting concoction of ego-boosting humility. “Look, I’m in the […]

Hydroponics 101

I can’t remember exactly how, but over the past week I have become completely obsessed with hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that does not use any soil. The idea is that soil acts as a vessel for water and nutrients. The soil is not essential for the plants to grow; only the […]

Parking Day II: Victory!

After being harassed just a bit more by the parking enforcement, we put in a call to an assistant officer to the mayor. The organization hosting the other spot, FutureWise, is very well connected. Lawyers and mayor’s assistants and the whole bit. The Mayor’s assistant eventually called us back and told us if anyone else […]

Parking Day!

I showed up this morning and FutureWise and the Center for Justice had reserved two spots in front of the Saranac Building. Perfect! I spent some time setting up my spot right next to theres, on a meter that they paid for for the entire day. Not long after I got everything set up (notice […]

Futuristic Spaceship Terrarium Pods: Part 1

Today, while working on a set of futuristic spaceship terrarium pods, I designed a futuristic spaceship terrarium pod hinge. I felt like an elf in Santa’s workshop. These are three of four pieces required for the hinge. I had planned on getting this project done much earlier, but I decided not to compromise. The sketches […]

Labor Day

This project evolved from a guerilla idea I had which I may still actualize under the right circumstances. The idea was to trim the shadows of ‘wild’ animals into the grass on lawns, golf courses, parks, etc., presenting a memory of the animals that may have once lived at that location. It is meant to […]

The Sleep Bringing Poppy

First Bloom!