Monthly Archives: December 2009

Chicken SH@#!

Saranac Art Projects presents new and collaborative work from Gabriel Brown and Rimas K. Simaitis. Chicken Sh@# will feature the day-to-day lives of four chickens, decomposing piles of garbage, and a self-contained bionic hydroponic growing system designed to cultivate grass within one’s own chest. Interactive elements will encourage visitors to sow their own seeds, and […]

Chickens and Deer!

Yesterday morning I woke up at around 6 to take a deer decoy outfitted with safety vests out to the middle of the woods in order to photograph it at daybreak. I installed it at two separate locations, managed to get back home before it started pouring rain, and then headed to Gabriel Brown’s place […]


I finally got around to re-taking some detail images of the Matsu deity made of dried fish, shrimp & squid. And yes, it still smells awful. Info about the project is posted here. In other fabulous news, Gabriel Brown and I are feverishly putting together the details for our show Chickensh@#, which is coming up […]

All systems go!

Bionic Hydroponics! Look for it at the exhibit Chickensh@# with Gabriel Brown at Saranac Art Projects in Spokane this January, opening December 31st, and also at the exhibit Fertilizing Utopias with Vaughn Bell, Ryan Pierce, Rollin Beamish and Andrew Jacob Schell at Soil in Seattle for the month of February (opening February 4th).