Monthly Archives: January 2010

Playing Catch Up

In an apparent need to defend the context of Chicken Sh@#: Exploring Urban Ecosystems, I would like to provide the city of Spokane and it’s art patrons with a few handpicked links that I feel are relevant to understanding the nature of our exhibition: The Fountain (Marcel Duchamp) Conceptual Art (Wiki) Futurism (Art Movment Wiki) […]

A Year in the Making

Back in December 2008 SOIL, a gallery in Seattle, had a call for curatorial proposals. While browsing through their member artists I came across Vaughn Bell, and promptly emailed her to see if she would be interested in putting a show together. She responded positively, and suggested we find some other artists and make it […]

For The Birds

Chicken Sh@#: The Workshop!

One of the new initiatives at Saranac Art Projects is to begin a series of monthly presentations and/or artist talks, taking place on the third Wednesday of every month. Gabriel Brown and I have the honor of hosting the first presentation, and it’s going to be a good one! Over the past few months we […]

Chicken Sh@#: The Statement

After installing the Chicken Sh@# exhibit, and letting the various themes settle in, Gabe and I decided that the show needed a statement, but not just any statement. We collaborated on a few topics that needed to be addressed, and in my grad-school-statement writing fervor, I managed to piece together the following: Chicken Sh@#: Exploring […]

42 Hours

Gabriel Brown and I worked in to the early morning, late morning, mid day, and evening getting the Chicken Sh@# ready for the opening on New Years Eve. By the time I went to bed, I had been up for 42 hours. We are both pretty happy with the results, though, having live chickens in […]