Monthly Archives: February 2010

Adventure Status: Full Speed Ahead

Last Tuesday I jumped on a plane to Seattle. After tying a few things up at SOIL I headed up to Greg Boudreau’s new studio on Captol Hill. He just moved back to Seattle after living in southern California for about a year, so it was good to see him (not to mention his new […]

The Fussy Eye

As I mentioned in my last post, back on February 6th at around 5 am or so Brian Miller published an online write-up about the work I’m exhibiting in fertilizing utopias. What’s even more awesome is that he recently changed the title of the review and published it in his art column: The Fussy Eye. […]

The Golden Ticket

I recently had a conversation with some friends in Spokane regarding how the city struggles to hold on to it’s “born-and-raised” talent; that is, if you have a talent it is your ticket out of Spokane. Very few people from our generation have willingly stayed in Spokane in order to nurture their practice; be it […]

Fertilizing Utopias

Fertilizing Utopias is up! We just, just finished installing. The posters/flyers will be ready tomorrow at 4 pm (thanks to Michael Alcantara for the design, and Ryan Pierce for the essay!). Join us for the reception Thursday February 4 (tomorrow) from 6-8 pm. See you there!