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Outer Space is a State of Mind

There is a photographer that does portraits of all the residents at Vermont Studio Center. I posed like Neil Armstrong.

Space is the Place

Spatial Junk

The Fountain


Danger Zone

Space Junk

Transmission #1; Voyage #2

Transmission #1 Voyage #2 from Rimas Simaitis on Vimeo.

Outer Space

I’ve been hanging out in outer space quite a bit over the past few weeks. So have you as a matter of fact. After constructing a larger icosahedron, I set it up in my studio to ponder what the hell to do with it.. eventually it will be part of a performance that will be […]

VSC Day 5: Bubbles and Herpes

On Monday afternoon I took a short jaunt to Johnson, VT’s local hardware store to order a sheet of plywood. (They deliver to the studio’s for free..!) I saw some neon twine and bought it on an impulse. Later that evening I was feeling incredibly restless, so I grabbed some scrap metal, painted some of […]