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NASA has been busy packing up their new AstroRobonaut. I too, have been busy: Off to Boise!

Property of D I O S P E X

In this age of the ‘experience economy,’ I don’t think I have ever seen a crate that matched the art inside of it. So, I spent some time with those stencils (previous post) today, and hit both sides of the crate. On the upper left is “This side up, Liquid!” on the right; Fragile! (say […]


The Crate: Part 1

On Friday I started working on the crate for bionic hydroponics:


I re-seeded the Bionic Hydroponics a few days ago. In the past I had simply rolled something that looked like a joint out of grass seed and cheese cloth, so that the grass seed wouldn’t get washed down the tube. In preparation for the Triennial, I am experimenting with a hydroponic growing medium called “Sure […]