Monthly Archives: September 2010

Love Lab Orbital Sander Casiotonez

Last night I had some fantastic fun with my new pals Emily and Nick: And this morning I had some fantastic fun in an undergrad intro to programming class taught by Lisa Jevbratt. Look what I made!


The Opening

The Triennial reception was fantastic. All the artists were introduced by the executive director, Melanie Fale, followed by a short talk from Beth Sellars about the adjudication process she used. And the catalogs: But the highlight of the evening had to be meeting Leonard Klikunas. His piece was definitely one of my favorites in the […]


Due to moving and being in a general state of flux over the past few weeks, I neglected to place an order with MOO that would arrive in time before I left Coeur d’Alene or Santa Barbara for the Triennial. Today, unfortunately, I had to go to a Kinkos. I would have been better off […]

Late Nights With Robots

Tonight I discovered my new favorite instrument. I called my landline with my cell phone, and plugged a Marantz PMD201 cassette recorder into the phone jack. Hovering the cell phone above the recorder yielded some magnificent theremin-type noises, and it is kind of mind boggling to think you are using your house & a cell […]