Monthly Archives: November 2010


So I went to Ventura today and was thoroughly impressed with all the thrift stores on Main St. I found a working super 8 projector with a working bulb (!!) for $10. Next stop was Dexter’s Cameras (thanks Abiel!). They were all out of super 8 camera’s, but recommended a few spots in town that […]

Late Night Space Flight

Trying to get this project finished before next Wednesday…. along with a 20-page theory paper, making a final exam for 214 undergrads, working on grant proposals, making some delicious Lithuanian food for Thanksgiving, taking a shotgun trip to LA to develop a roll of super 8 film, scouring for a super 8 projector, and writing […]


Yesterday during our theory seminar with Colin, I was busy jotting down notes about the D I O S P E X project that I’m currently working on. We were having a Samuel Beckett marathon, and I was coming up with some interesting ideas regarding the use of film, and twisting around some of the […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I need to go find some Thai Fisherman pants this weekend in LA. And maybe a white seamless backdrop. And some super 8 film stock from the Echo Park Film Center. After all that, there’s a film screening of Sirocco Research Projects new films, ‘Red Moon:’ And ‘Cleo in the Universe:’ Where? At the Hang […]

Space Cowboyz



Between the airbrush and the spray-gun (raygun?), I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with my respirator on.