The Oven

It’s time.. and it’s too cold outside. The minimum (un)recommended temperatures for curing epoxy are around 45-50 degrees (f). The warmer it is, the faster it cures. I was originally going to glass my board in the garage, but I decided last night that it’s not a good idea. I came up with a design for an oven that I can use for curing and post-curing. I’m going to pipe hot air into it with a heat gun to try and maintain a temperature somewhere around 80 (don’t worry… I’ve got a fancy heat gun). Then, I’m going to open up that window in the corner, and seal off a plastic room around the oven. This will keep the board warm, dust-free, and most importantly, the toxic fumes of the epoxy will be contained and piped straight out the window. Lastly, the whole setup is in my studio; it’s much easier to babysit.

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  1. Milda Simaitis
    Posted April 1, 2012 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    end product photos please!

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