Headgear For Tony

About an hour ago, I had just put the finishing touches on my work in the MFA thesis group exhibition, Headgear for Tony, and Where Is My Mind by the Pixies came on. It was a fitting moment. A week or two ago, I had a studio visit with Carlee Fernandez, and she told me that when NASA woke the Mars rover up a few years back, in accordance with their tradition of waking astronauts up with music, they streamed where is my mind to Mars in order to wake up their tired rover. Her husband David Lovering is the drummer for the Pixies, and he had told her that it was the ultimate compliment.

Where is my mind? It’s in Headgear for Tony at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum. The opening is today, from 6:30-8, and the show runs through July 8th.

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