It’s T – 0 Somewhere

It’s T- 0 Somewhere is a life size replica of the payload capsule from a Minuteman III nuclear missile. 52″ in diameter, and 150″ long (12′ 6″). This the United State’s only land-based Intercontinental Missile; there are around 500 located in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Colorado. They were originally designed to carry three warheads that would each target a different city, but due to the New START treaty, they are currently limited to carrying just one.

The color gradient and title came from the mission patch I picked up at Vandenberg earlier this year:

The sculpture will be displayed on the main floor of the Pacific Design Center through August 24th. And on the second floor, there’s boom.

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that I have been invited to exhibit at the New Wight Biennial at UCLA this coming fall. Stay tuned!

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