Parking Day!


I showed up this morning and FutureWise and the Center for Justice had reserved two spots in front of the Saranac Building. Perfect! I spent some time setting up my spot right next to theres, on a meter that they paid for for the entire day. Not long after I got everything set up (notice extra shiny & neon colors for extra safety), a nice gentleman representing the City of Spokane came and told us we would have to shut down (a business owner at a different location/different park complained. I heard it was Starbucks). Not long after that a meter-maid came by and removed the hoods from the meters. Though, they are paid for, so I’m not sure if I should start pluggin’ quarters from the roll in my pocket. The meter maid said that he couldn’t really ticket a plant… Currently, the Center for Justice is pullin’ out the big guns and calling their lawyers. The lawyers said not to get arrested, and call them back if there is any trouble. Yay Spokane. Yay.


Come on down to support the cause and check out the installtion if you are willing and able. If they shut us down, you can help me load everything back in the truck too. Please. We’re in front of the Saranac building at W 25 Main St, right downtown.

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  1. Posted September 18, 2009 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    I would love to see something like this in person. I’ll have to keep parking day in mind for next year.

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