Progress: Bionic Hydroponics


About a week ago I was sitting on a chair in the bathtub with the upper-left quarter of my chest encased in plaster. A few days before that, I was doing the same thing with my right thigh. Today I finally cut up the mold of my chest to use as a template for the bionic hydroponic system, and began assembling the pieces. The metallic tube is for the grass to grow out of.


On the other side I mounted the pieces for the air pump. There will be a hose running to the inlet of the metallic tube, one running from the outlet, and one running from the air pump; all down to the reservoir in my right thigh. There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but it is coming together.


In true high-tech-lo-fi fashion, I decided to join the wood pieces with hemp twine.


I’m trying to get the whole thing up and running before I leave for Chicago on Tuesday morning. I still have quite a bit of assembly to do, and need to install the fans and light as well, so tomorrow will be pretty busy. I’ll be sure to update on my progress.

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