It’s Bloombastic, Brah!

At around noon I headed down to the ol’ Radio Shack to pick up two 40mm, 12 VDC cooling fans; one to blow cold air in, and one to blow warm air out. Radioshack didn’t seem to have the right power supply for the fans, so I spent the next four hours running around town looking for something that would work. After going to every store that I could think of, I felt completely defeated and headed home. I did some searching on the internet, and eventually went down to scrounge through the magic box in my closet.. You know, that magic box that has all the random electronic cables/adapters/gizmos that you’ve ever accumulated? There was an old ac adapter that I snagged from the throw-away pile at work a few years ago: 12 VDC, 300mA. I was looking specifically for a 12VDC 260mA adapter. perfect!

I wired up the fans, and sewed together the rest of the chest cavity:


The lighting will have to wait till I get back. In the meantime I am going to hook up the water tubes to get the grass germinating and growing so that everything is ready in a few weeks.

On a completely different note, one of the dozen stores I made it to today was the local hydroponic store in C d’A. I had been to several in Spokane, and was excited to learn that there was one locally. The store in Coeur d’Alene is wonderful. They have a used/cheap table, and they even sell tye-died t-shirts. The owner gave me a few catalogs before I left. I had a wonderful time flipping through them. Names like ‘Phresh Air” and “Bloombastic: the Bling Bling for your Plants” must make your plants grow super chronic brah! And I very much enjoyed the psychedelic 2-page spread from Humboldt Nutrients in the back of the catalog. It seems that most hydroponic growing supplies are marketed toward either astro-physicists or total stoners. Considering that I’m making a bionic hydroponic chest cavity constructed mainly of plywood sewn together with hemp twine, I’d say I hit the nail on the head.

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