There were two ideas for next months show at the SAP. The first was a show in response to the oil spill. We scrapped that idea last night, and decided to do an ‘off-the-bench’ show highlighting whatever it is our members have been working on recently. I was particularly excited about my idea for the oil-spill response show:

In other exciting news, I’ve been putting some miles in on my new D I O S P E X bag from R.E.Load
. They missed a few minor(?) details, but considering the last bag they custom made for me had to have the entire front flap re-done due to a shoddy intern, the mistakes on this bag weren’t that big of a deal. After spending a month or two trying to come up with a design, and 6-weeks waiting for the bag to be made (along with a good chunk of change) , I was pretty happy to have it finally arrive on my doorstep. With that, it’s nothing less than bomb-proof.

Other than that, the lake is warm, the beer is cold, and theres a new 12-week old puppy runnin’ around the house! Summer is pretty lazy so far.

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