So I went to Ventura today and was thoroughly impressed with all the thrift stores on Main St. I found a working super 8 projector with a working bulb (!!) for $10. Next stop was Dexter’s Cameras (thanks Abiel!). They were all out of super 8 camera’s, but recommended a few spots in town that might have one. I went across the street to an antique store and and found an old Technicolor Super VI, popped in some new batteries, and the motor worked..! It even came with an old cartridge of film.. might have to develop it when I have some extra cash.

Next, I had to find a replacement for the old 1.3 volt mercury battery that the light meter uses (they don’t make these anymore). I went back across the street to Dexter’s Cameras, and they sold me a 1.5 volt battery that was about the same size. They instructed me to “improvise using tin foil to make it fit…” (I was planning on improvising anyway..).

I took everything back to my studio, wound a copper spring for the new battery, and set the camera up to film. Everything worked according to plan, and I now have a roll of film to take and have developed in LA on Friday (birthday!).

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