Pre-Pre-Vacay-Vacay, Pre-Vacay-Vacay, and Vacay.

She eventually asked him if he had any photos of himself when he was younger. Dick left the room for a bit and returned with a copy of “Duran Duran: Unseen … Photographs 1979-82”. He flipped through it and eventually landed on a photo himself with another young man, and said “these are my friends.”

Above: Nikki Leone & I having a shootout in the desert.

The day after I turned in my theory paper, which was titled Space Exploration Through Alternative Realms: There’s More Than One Way To Get High we headed out to the Palm Desert to stay with Dick for a few days. We made a trip to Pappy & Harriets, had a fantastic dance party, avoided rattle snakes and falling off boulders & cliffs, and celebrated Emily Halbardier’s 22nd birthday. The trip was a complete success, and a great precursor to pre-vacay-vacay.

And now that pre-pre-vacay-vacay, and pre-vacay-vacay (we broke all the rules, Emily and Nick..!) are over, tomorrow is officially the beginning of vacation. I’ll be in Coeur d’Alene until the 30th, and then off to Seattle for New Years, where I’m looking forward to spending some time with my long lost pals. See ya’ll sooon!

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